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T Sakhi creates public spaces using Beirut's security infrastructure


T Sakhi建筑设计工作室将黎巴嫩首都贝鲁特的障碍设施改造为城市座椅,打造城市社交区域。

该工作室由黎巴嫩和波兰混血姐妹Tessa与 Tara Sakhi共同创立,设计师希望结合贝鲁特城市场地的变化,让公共空间更具吸引力。

“Lost in Translation”与“Holidays in the Sun”两项装置增加了城市中的座椅空间。

Architecture and design studio T Sakhi has transformed security barriers into seating as part of a series of urban interventions aimed at creating social places for locals in Beirut.
The multidisciplinary studio founded by Lebanese-Polish sisters Tessa and Tara Sakhi wanted to introduce changes to Beirut's urban topography that make its public spaces more engaging.
This resulted in two interventions, Lost in Translation and Holidays in the Sun, that both provide places to sit down in the city.

“Holidays in the Sun”是城市座椅和绿化设施/Holidays in the Sun is an urban seating and greenery intervention in Beirut





Lebanon's current political instability has contributed to an abundance of unfinished construction projects and security infrastructure scattered across its urban environment.
As a consequence, there are few attractive places where people can gather and enjoy spending time outdoors, as Dezeen reported from Beirut Design Week last year.
"Most public spaces in Beirut are privatised, so the only real public spaces are the streets," claimed the sisters, who work out of Beirut and Milan.
"The city centre is filled with security and military barricades to control the area, so as a citizen and a pedestrian you don't feel the freedom, joy and happiness you generally experience in public spaces and gardens abroad."

这些设施的灵感来源于一些安全障碍物/The stool is is made from repurposed security barricades known as Czech Hedghogs

各式各样的安全障碍并不美观,而且让人感到十分消极,T Sakhi工作室的目的就是希望以更加积极且大众化的方式对它们进行改造。


The various security barriers are unsightly and have negative connotations, which T Sakhi aimed to reverse by giving them an alternative and more civic purpose.
Tessa and Tara describe the output of their studio as "hybrid works that are often playfully subversive and provoke new modes of human interaction".

“Nature Barrier”通过增加绿植来美化安全障碍设施/The Nature Barrier reinterprets crowd control barriers by adding planters


其中之一名为“Holidays in the Sun”,人们可以休闲地坐在这里,同时在城市中引入绿化。

The two experimental interventions they introduced in Beirut use objects that form part of the everyday landscape as the basis for hybrid structures that seek to enhance the streetscape.
The first intervention, called Holidays in the Sun, creates places for people to sit and introduces greenery into parts of the city where it is currently lacking.

该装置通过小型公共基础设施给人们带来休闲座椅区域/The intervention provides a place to sit in a city with little public infrastructure



“Nature Barrier”属于“Holidays in the Sun”装置的一部分,该部分相较于现有物件的改造更具成本效益。



The sisters acquired a permit to remove damaged security barriers known as "Czech hedgehogs" from the streets and transform them into stools.
The designers repainted the structures, which are made from three interconnected steel beams, and added sling-like fabric seats so people can use them to sit down.
For the Nature Barrier that forms part of Holidays in the Sun, it was more cost effective to manufacture new pieces than repurposing existing ones.
The design reinterprets the metal crowd-control barriers found throughout the city by incorporating planters into upturned sections of tubing.
The products are designed to create spaces for conversation and rest that help the local community and visitors engage with each public space, as well as with each other.

“Lost in Translation”是城市座椅,其上部为拱形,并且有4个座位/Lost in Translation is an urban chair with an arched top and four seats

工作室开发了一项名为“Lost in Transition”的城市座椅,该座椅放置在贝鲁特中心Saint Elias教堂广场之中。


The studio also developed an urban chair, called Lost in Transition, that was installed in central Beirut at the Piazza of Saint Elias Church.
The piece was originally developed for and exhibited at the Alcova site during Milan Design Week 2019 and features several metal seats connected by a central arch.

该作品最先于米兰设计周期间展出于Alcova空间/It was first shown at the Alcova space during Milan Design Week



"The functional sculpture invites face-to-face interaction, while periphery stools offer solitary moments of rest and relaxation," the designers explained.
"The urban chair is versatile, and the numerous spatial configurations allow for multiple uses, whether it is eating lunch with colleagues or reading alone."

多功能空间让人们可以就此沉思,也可以和伙伴们共同就餐/It is a versatile space suitable for solitary moments of reflection or eating with colleagues

这对姐妹设计师还设计了另一座装置,名为“Incomplete Pillars for Incomplete Beings”,该装置会在今年晚些时候应用在贝鲁特街道上。它由预制混凝土砌块组合而成,而这些砌块的孔洞填充着土壤,可以用于种植绿色植物。


The sisters are also working on another installation called "Incomplete Pillars for Incomplete Beings" that will be installed in Beirut later this year. It will comprise prefabricated concrete masonry blocks that will be repurposed as urban planters by filling their hollow cavities with soil.
WORKac revealed its design for Lebanon's Beirut Museum of Art at the beginning of this year, which includes mismatched balconies that will double as exhibition space.




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