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一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第1张图片

Casa Fantini Boutique Hotel / Lissoni Associati


来自建筑事务所的描述:CASA FANTINI精品酒店位于意大利Pella湖畔,San Giulio岛屿的对面,毗邻渡船港口,这座精品酒店由Lissoni Architettura事务所建筑师Piero Lissoni及其团队负责设计,该事务所的负责人Daniela Fantini也对该项目进行了灵感构思。建筑方案的目的是强调场地的自然特征,结合当地元素与气候。建筑师将场地传统历史与石材、金属、木材等材料之间进行了交流,并且利用大面积玻璃,给室内带来宽阔的景观视野。

Text description provided by the architects. Situated in a special place on the shores of Orta Lake in Pella, not far from the ferry landing stage and just opposite the island of San Giulio, the CASA FANTINI boutique hotel is an architectural project from the hands of Piero Lissoni and his team at Lissoni Architettura, after an idea of Daniela Fantini, head of the eponymous company. The aim was to enhance the existing natural legacy, harmonizing the local typologies with elements linked to far off climes. Through this project, the age-old history of the place dialogues with the modernity and tradition of artisans of stone, metal and wood, making ample use of glass surfaces to provide spectacular views over the lake.

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第2张图片

这座酒店的设计关键是体验感,将Piero Lissoni建筑与周围景观完美地融合在一起,给使用者带来和谐的体验。水是连接CASA FANTINI酒店与当地历史、自然、地域的重要特征,因此这里有着平静的湖水,也有着位于花园之中的游泳池。

The hotel identifies itself as the key element of a hospitality experience, bringing together the architecture of Piero Lissoni and the surrounding landscape in a spirit of perfect harmony to experience even the most secluded places of the locality. Water is the common thread that links CASA FANTINI to the history, to the nature, to the area - the placid water of the lake that is forever visible and forever present, and the water of the swimming pool within the peace and tranquillity of the garden.

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第3张图片

酒店由两座面向湖面的建筑组成,这两座建筑一新一旧,与周围景观完美融合在一起。建筑与周围环境之间的关系非常明确,在入口区域,使用者能够通过私人花园进入酒店,这座花园由建筑师与Paghera Studio景观设计工作室合作打造。

The hotel consists of two buildings facing the lake, one old the other new, both integrated into the surrounding landscape. The privileged relationship that the structure enjoys with the surrounding nature is already evident at the entrance, accessing the hotel through the private garden that was conceived in collaboration with the Paghera Studio, specialised in landscape design.

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第4张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第5张图片


The garden paths in grey beola stone have been designed with a regular geometry, tempered by the softness of the Mediterranean vegetation of herbs and flowers. The swimming pool, clad in the same stone to maintain the aesthetic continuity of sober elegance, is located in a more private area of the garden. The façade of the new building is composed of thin Accoya wood slats, cut to emphasize its materic effect, and placed at regular intervals to confer a dynamic equilibrium to the external wall. The large window openings of the rooms amplify the interior spaces, carrying ones gaze to the lake and surrounding mountains.

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第6张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第7张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第8张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第9张图片

CASA FANTINI精品酒店的核心部分是休息区,这里具有欢迎大众社交集会,并且融合周围景观,让使用者能够在舒适的感受中休息与娱乐。在老建筑中,Blu Lago酒店是个连接空间,面向当地的居民开放,拥有浓郁的当地特征。在这里,历史与设计巧妙地融为一体。这座酒店就如同一座亲密的绿洲,其中有11间客房,它们分为三种形式,其中两种都是套房。在室内空间,Piero Lissoni应用了诸如木材、石材等天然材料,这与景观和当地特征构成完美的平衡。

The CASA FANTINI experience continues in the lounge, the heart of the house, with its welcoming atmosphere condusive to pauses of peaceful meditation inspired by the views of the landscape, and to sharing convivial moments with friends. In the old house, the Blu Lago bar is a connecting space, open to the inhabitants of Pella and immersed in the local identity. A place where history and design are part of the same story. The hotel is imagined as an intimate oasis, conceived for just 11 rooms in three different forms, two of which are generous suites. Piero Lissoni has chosen the natural materials of wood and stone for the interiors, in perfect equilibrium with the landscape and the spirit of the location.

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第10张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第11张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第12张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第13张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第14张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第15张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第16张图片

一花一木,一新一旧,一湖一山丨CASA FANTINI精品酒店第17张图片

建筑设计:Lissoni Associati
主创建筑师:Piero LIssoni, Samuel Lorenzi, Paolo Volpato, Fabrizia Bazzana, Roberto Bericelli, Giacomo Carassale, Ilia D’Emilio, Ricardo Hernandez, Marco Guerini, Sonia Mion
客户:Blu Lago srl
面积:1218.0 ㎡
摄影:Giovanni Gastel

Architects: Lissoni Associati
Location: Piazza Motta corner with Via Roma 2, 28010, Pella, (NO), Italy
Category: Renovation
Lead Architects: Piero LIssoni, Samuel Lorenzi, Paolo Volpato, Fabrizia Bazzana, Roberto Bericelli, Giacomo Carassale, Ilia D’Emilio, Ricardo Hernandez, Marco Guerini, Sonia Mion
Clients: Blu Lago srl
Area: 1218.0 ㎡
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Giovanni Gastel




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