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C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第1张图片

C3 Les Ailes Residential & Offices Tower / Aeby Perneger + Offices Tower


来自建筑事务所的描述:该项目来源于研究授权SIA 143,而Aeby Perneger & Associés事务所通过其Cooperative Les Ailes项目在本次研究中脱颖而出,这座建筑与城市整体规划结合在一起,突出了区域的入口,并且沿着Napoleonic路线构成一系列塔楼,这条路线从Geneva延伸至Saint-Genis-Pouilly。

Text description provided by the architects. The project derives from a parallel study mandate SIA 143 won by Aeby Perneger & Associés through the Cooperative Les Ailes. The building is inserted in the urban plan of the eco-quartier of Verges, with the role to highlight one of the gateways of the quartier and complete a series of towers along the Napoleonic route that leads from Geneva to Saint-Genis-Pouilly though the CERN.

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第2张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第3张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第4张图片


The volume to construct counts 11 floors above ground, placed on a 2-storey basement, with a total of 13 levels inscribed in a 22x45 m rectangle. Following the wish of the cooperative, the program of the building is mixed: 22 dwellings for elders provided with welcome facilities for the neighborhood, about 75 family dwellings, medical practices, offices and businesses, also including a small supermarket and a restaurant.

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第5张图片


The project states a particular presence at the entrance of the quartier of Verges. The building is both multiple and unique, its border not clearly closed, its gaze turned toward the sky. Composed of an horizontal plateau and wrinkled edges, it stacks different floor shapes in a roughly coherent ensemble. Because of its sufficiently elongated volume, it does not try to appear as proper tower despite its pseudonym (C3 Tower), but rather a sort of millefeuilles, stratification. The cut of the smooth balconies give it an airy character that evokes the founders of the cooperative, Swissair’s employees. The mixture of the allocations and the dimensional heterogeneity of the housing program has naturally opened a reflection on the distributive typology of the building, keeping in mind the remarkable memory of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’habitation in Marseille.

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第6张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第7张图片


The corridors of the central distribution have appropriate clearances and waiting benches, every doorway is marked with an individual style. In the lower floors, a communal staircase opens by facing the summit of the nearby Jura Mountains and connects the two levels of the basement to the office floor. The building opens all the premises with a panoramic overlook - a long, continuous window. Each apartment benefits from an individual loggia in the shape of a rhombus, truly an additional exterior room, that relates the horizon in a kaleidoscopic manner avoiding any frontality. The wrinkles in the facade contribute to provide a real light quality that reaches the centre of the floorplan.

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第8张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第9张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第10张图片


The materials are raw or semi-raw: exposed reinforced concrete for the structure, parapets of the facade made of finely-striated, precast natural concrete that softens the light like a corduroy, windows and light parts in powder-coated aluminum, interior screeds of communal hallways in terrazzo, doors and flooring in oak. The average gross surface for each OCLPF is 25 m2.

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第11张图片

整个项目的利润并不高,因此租赁价格也较为适中。就立面表达而言,C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼并不具有年代感,其动态的外部立面和诸如天然条纹混凝土、深色铝板和玻璃等材料构成了温和的特征,并且强调了建筑的横向分隔。这让建筑在周边环境之中变得较为突出。

Thanks to a very low return rate applied by the cooperative, the resulting rents are extremely moderate. With regard to exterior expression, the building of Ailes is difficult to date. The dynamic wrinkling of its façade is balanced by the soothing character of the materials used (natural striated concrete, dark aluminum and glass) and by calm horizontality of the composition.  This gives a particular vis-à-vis status to the neighborhood, slightly apart, halfway between the ancestor and the outside observer.

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第12张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第13张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第14张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第15张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第16张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第17张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第18张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第19张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第20张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第21张图片

C3 Les Ailes 办公与住宅塔楼,给你波浪般的立面感受第22张图片

建筑设计:Aeby Perneger, Offices Tower
主创建筑师:Jan Perneger
面积:12000.0 ㎡
摄影:Giorgio Marafioti
客户:Coopérative d’habitations Les Ailes
土木工程:Perreten & Milleret SA
卫生工程:Zanini-Baechli & Ass
暖通与建筑物理工程:Olivier Zahn

Architects: Aeby Perneger, Offices Tower
Location: Meyrin, Switzerland
Category: Office Buildings
Lead Architect: Jan Perneger
Area: 12000.0 ㎡
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: Giorgio Marafioti
Client: Coopérative d’habitations Les Ailes
Civil Engineers: Perreten & Milleret SA
Sanitary Engineers: Zanini-Baechli & Ass
Electrical Engineers: Zanetti
Heating-ventilation and building physics engineer: Olivier Zahn




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