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10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第1张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第2张图片

英国慈善机构Let’s Build My School (LBMS)致力于为发展中国家,尤其是偏远且教育资源匮乏的地区兴建学校,该机构创立于2016年。今年,该机构有意帮助非洲塞内加尔兴建一所小学,特此向全球设计师征集优秀设计方案。



Archstorming’s new competition takes us to Senegal, Africa. We are collaborating in this new contest with Let’s Build My School (LBMS), a UK registered charity (#1168814) which was founded in 2016 to build schools in developing countries with a particular focus on remote areas which lack educational facilities.
Beyond delivering structures built using locally sourced, sustainable, recycled materials, LBMS researches and applies construction techniques which do not require any prior technical skills in construction so that the local community may be able to replicate the process and help to further develop their village long after LBMS has left. LBMS gives a high importance to have measurable and lasting outcomes both in making sure that their buildings are used for their purpose, increasing the enrolment of students and that their technique of construction empowers the community by creating more employment in the new building skill acquired.
By providing educational facilities adapted to the local climate, they invest in people and communities to alleviate poverty, creating measurable and enduring economic improvements in poor and underserved areas.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第3张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第4张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第5张图片


最新的联合国人类发展指数报告表明, 塞内加尔人类发展指数在189个国家中排名第164。

塞内加尔尽管是非洲大陆上政治和经济发展最为稳定的国家之一,但该国识字率低,仅约43%;中小学的入学率低,其中 38%的小学生在接受中学教育之前就已辍学。




Let’s Build My School commenced their activities in Senegal (where two of the charity's founders are from) in regions where only 50% of school-age children have access to education and where classrooms are often crammed with up to 80 students per class due to the limited number of structures.
Senegalis ranked 164th out of 189 countries in the most recent UN Human Development Index report.
Despite being one of the most politically and economically stable countries on the African continent, the country has a low literacy rate of about 43% and low enrolment rates in primary and secondary schools; 38% of primary school cohorts drop out before reaching secondary education.
Asa result, many children in Senegal fall victim to child labour, begging or street selling; it is estimated that around 100,000 Senegalese children roam the streets, begging for money and food. According to SOS Children's Village, an organisation working in Senegal since 1976, although the situation is improving in the country, the challenge now is to enable girls to remain in school once they are enrolled (thousands are still being forced into domestic labour assoon as they are old enough to do work).
The fallout of the education crisis on society includes economic distress, violence and crime, civic disengagement and struggling communities.
In consequence of the issues stated, LBMS decided to focus on the educational aspect and build schools in severely lacking areas to give a chance to every child for a better future and participate in the economical development of their country.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第6张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第7张图片








Despite the fact that educational infrastructure is lacking, the schools recognized by the Government are often built as temporary structures. They are constructed of bamboo walls and zinc roofs.
These fragile classrooms rarely survive the rainy seasons and result in the cancellation of classes and students failing their academic year. LBMS aims to replace these temporary structures with built schools in order to provide a better environment for the children to study in.
They build using locally sourced and recycled materials, such as tyres and sandbags, and act as a research laboratory for innovative and low-cost construction techniques.
In this competition we will research innovative and low-cost construction techniques in order to replace a temporary school with built structures.
Identifying and applying low-cost construction methods is of key importance to LBMS as itallows the community to deploy the skills and techniques acquired wherever and whenever required. This transfer of skills provides them with practical and cost-effective opportunities to expand their village, build homes, and add more classrooms to a school.
LBMS has developed clear and straightforward instructional booklets which they distribute to the construction workers, students attending the school, and curious minds from the local community who happen to pass by during construction.  
Their collaborative approach to construction ensures that, in the long-term, local communities benefit from newly acquired skills and practical and cost-effective building methods, which they can implement and replicate. They build ownership from the beginning of each project so that the community members can be supported when using the technique acquired for other projects in the village. They train people to become resources for their community.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第8张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第9张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第10张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第11张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第12张图片


马尔萨苏姆是塞内加尔塞久区的一个小镇(坐标:12°49’52.2” N 15°58’37.4” W)。最近的城市是济金绍尔,两地相距33公里(21英里)。小镇临近松格鲁格鲁河河岸。从济金绍尔到马尔萨苏姆镇最简单的方式是穿行一条61公里的公路,然后乘坐渡轮渡过松格鲁格鲁河。


Archstorming is calling for proposals to design an elementary school in Marsassoum, Senegal.
Marsassoumis a town in the Sédhiou Region of Senegal. (Coordinates: 12°49’52.2”N 15°58’37.4”W). The closest city is Ziguinchor, which is located 33 away (21miles) from Marsassoum.
It lies on the bank of the Soungrougrou River. The easiest access to the town from Ziguinchor is through a 61km road travel and crossing the river in a ferry.
Marsassoum has an approximate population of 7,000 inhabitants, 90% of which are Mandinka, one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. The inhabitants of Marsassoum live mainly from agriculture, fishing and small businesses.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第13张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第14张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第15张图片




-教室:有两间用作教室的临时建筑,面积为17.5m x 6.5m,由编竹墙和锌板屋顶建造而成。 这些结构将会被拆除。

-砖房:位于场地西南角,内有两间房间,面积为4.4m x 8.4m。由水泥墙和金属板屋顶建造,充当小型图书馆和主任办公室。



The plot extends to approximately 920m2. It has a rectangular shape. The longest side measures 37m while the shorter 25m.
The plot is completely flat, there is no slope to be considered.
The main entrance is located at the west side. It can stay where it is now or it can be relocated to the south if necessary.
There is a big tree in the middle of the plot. It is a moraceae and it has to be kept. It provides shadow to the kids and they spend a lot of time under it. It has an approximate height of 6,5m and the tree crown's diameter is around 16m.
The plot has the following constructions:
- Classrooms: there are two temporary buildings that function as classrooms, they are 17,5m x 6,5m and were built with woven bamboo walls and zinc roof. These structures will be demolished.
- Brick building: it is located at the South-West corner of the plot. It has two different rooms and it measures 4,4m x 8,4m. It is built with cement walls and metal roof. It is used as a small library and director's office.
- Latrine module: located at the South-East corner, it contains two latrines. This module will be replaced with a new one, you can choose to locate it in the same place or move it to a different one.
- Well: there is a well at the North-West part of the plot.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第16张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第17张图片


Entrance at the right side of the picture. There's a woven bamboo fence in the perimeter.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第18张图片


Brick building at the right, classrooms at the left and after the brick buil-ding.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第19张图片


Interior of one of the two bigger classrooms.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第20张图片


Interior of a classroom. Walls made of woven bamboo, zinc for the roof, and a metal panel to close the window.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第21张图片


Exterior of a classroom.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第22张图片


Classrooms and the tree

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第23张图片


Latrine module

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第24张图片


Well at the North-West corner of the plot

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第25张图片

本次竞赛,我们将在塞内加尔的马萨苏姆建造一所Sambou Toura Drame小学。竞赛目的是为该地区的其他人兴建一个模范建筑体,让他们了解建筑,学习建筑技术,并将所学技术应用到未来的建筑之中。









In this contest we will build the Elementary School Sambou Toura Drame in Marsassoum, Senegal. The goal of this competition is to create a building that can be an example for the rest of the people living in the area, learning from it and its construction techniques and applying what they have learned in future buildings.

The project program will be as follows:
- Classrooms: the school needs 7 classrooms. The size of each classroom must be 63 m2, since this is a general requirement of the Government of Senegal. The number of classrooms is fixed and can't be modified in your proposals.
- Library: the students are currently using one of the rooms of the block building as a library, but the space is too small and need a larger one. The size of the new library is up to you.
- Offices: two small offices are needed, one for the director and another that will be used by the teachers during class breaks or meetings.
- Latrines: the current latrine module can be demolished and relocated where desired. The school needs 3 cubicles: 1 for boys, 1 for girls, and 1 for adults.
- Canteen: if there's enough space in your design, it would be great to include a small kitchen + dining room. Since the area of the plot is very limited, this space is not compulsory, it is up to you to include it in your proposals or not.
- Orchard+ Corral: considering that parents do not have enough money to pay the canteen for their children, a great option would be to include a norchard so the school can be self-sufficient and grow its own vegetables, as well as raise chickens.

As said, the size of each space can vary depending on your proposal. The plot has an approximate area of 920 m2 and your design will have to consider that restriction. Having exterior spaces where the kids can play and run is also important and necessary.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第26张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第27张图片















In this competition the winning project is going to be built, the chosen proposal will be used as the basis of the final project. The following aspects are important things to consider in your design:

Building techniques
-LBMS builds schools using innovative building techniques that are easy to learn and replicate. One of the most important aspects of this competition is to inspire people so they can build their own houses using the same technique.
-In past schools, LBMS has used techniques such as walls or foundations made of tyres, or walls made of earth-bags. It is not mandatory to also use those systems, you are free to use the technique you find appropriate, always considering that it has to be low-cost and easy to build.
-It is important to explain the system you have decided to use in your boards.

-It is fundamental to use local materials, since importing them would be too expensive.
-The most common materials in the area are clay, bamboo, sand, tyres, wooden beams and metal sheets. Clay bricks are fabricated locally.
-We will send you a full list of available materials and their prices in the material we'll send you after you complete the registration process. You can include other materials as long as you make sure they are cheap and available in the area.

-In these kinds of communities, where water and food are very scarce, it is fundamental to help people through architecture.
-The well drilled in the plot is not providing that much water, so they make very little use of it, mainly to clean the boards in the classrooms. Also, there's a public well which is supposed to get water to the entire community, but it doesn't function properly, cutting off the supply very often. For that reason, it will be very positively evaluated to integrate rainwater collecting systems in your proposals.
-Regarding electricity, we can find electric supply in the town, so it's not necessary to include solar panels in the school.
-Growing their own food in an orchard and having a small corral for chickens can be a great option too to teach kids some basics about agriculture and farming, as well as providing them with food.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第28张图片












-The new school will have to consider the climate of the area. Marsassoum has a very pronounced rainy season that lasts around 4 months, from mid-June to mid-October. During those months it can rain almost every day.
-The temperature is quite constant throughout the year. The warmest months are Marchto May, with a maximum average daily temperature over 37oC and a minimum of 21oC. The cool season lasts 3 months, from July to September, with a maximum temperature of 32oC and a minimum of 17oC. As you can see, the temperature is quite high all year long. For that reason, it is important to have ventilated spaces in the school.
You can check this page to learn more about the climate.

Current constructions
As it is mentioned in previous pages of this briefing, the school already has some constructions on site.
The current classrooms will be demolished since they are built as temporary structures.
The brick building can be kept as it is now, rehabilitate it and integrate it into your new project, or demolish it. It is up to you.
The latrines can also be demolished or kept. If you decide to keep the current building, make sure it is restructured into three different spaces (one for boys, one for girls, and one for adults).
The big tree located in the middle of the plot must be preserved.

Construction phases
The school will be built in two phases. That allows the NGO to fund raise for the first part and start building while they fund raise for the second part. Ideally both constructions will take place with a difference of no more than a year between them. It is up to you to decide which part of the program belongs to phase 1 and which one to phase 2.

The budget for the school is 80.000€ (52million CFA Franc). That is the total price for the construction, including construction materials, construction tools, labor and other expenses.
It is not necessary to reach to maximum budget, if your design manages to be cheaper, that will be positively evaluated.
A list of price references, along with a site plan, will be sent after registration.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第29张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第30张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第31张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第32张图片

任何建筑专业学生或职业建筑师均可参加塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛,不分国籍。同样,其他学科的选手也可参赛,如工程师、哲学家、社会学家、摄影师等等。参赛团队中并非必须要有建筑师,当然我们建议一个参赛团队至少有一位建筑师。





Any architecture student or professional architect can participate in SENEGAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Sambou Toura Drame, regardless of their nationality. Likewise, people from other disciplines can also participate, such as engineers, philosophers, sociologists, photographers, etc. It is not necessary to have an architect on the team, although it is recommended.
Teams may be formed by a maximum of four (4) members and a minimum of one (1). All team members must be 18 years of age or older.
The registration fee must be paid per team, regardless of the number of members (1-4 people).
In the event that a team or participant wants to participate with more than one proposal, it will be necessary to register twice (or as many times as proposals will be submitted), paying the full price corresponding to each registration.
Under no circumstances may jurors, the organization or persons directly related to the jury participate in this competition.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第33张图片


6,000欧元+ 项目落地








Prizes totaling 10,000€ + CONSTRUCTION, broken down as follows:







In addition, the winning projects or finalists will be published in magazines, blogs or architecture web pages, social networks or the Archstorming website and designverse website.
*Depending on the country of residence of the winners, the prize may be subject to the withholding or payment of taxes foreseen in the law of that country.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第34张图片

即日起 早鸟报名阶段开启
2020年9月2日 早鸟报名阶段关闭
2020年9月3日 正常报名阶段开启
2020年9月30日 正常报名阶段关闭
2020年10月1日 优先报名阶段开启
2020年10月28日 优先报名阶段关闭
2020年10月29日 延迟报名阶段开启
2020年11月25日 截止提交作品
2020年11月25日-12月21日 评审决议
2020年12月22日 公布获奖名单



*No submissions will be accepted after the general deadline indicated above: 23:59:59 Los Angeles time (UCT / GMT-7) or PDT.   

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第35张图片


• 早鸟阶段
(2020 年 8 月 5 日至 2020 年 9 月 2 日)
498 元/参赛团队

• 正常阶段
(2020 年 9 月 3 日至 2020 年 9 月 30 日)
664 元/参赛团队

• 优先阶段
(2020 年 10 月 1 日至 2020 年 10 月 28 日)
830 元/参赛团队

• 延迟阶段
(2020 年 10 月 29 日至 2020 年 11 月 25 日)
996 元/参赛团队

Young Bird Plan嫩鸟计划是Archstorming官方授权的中国地区唯一竞赛合作方,中国国内参赛者可通过其所在的designverse设计宇宙网站平台(参赛报名并支付竞赛报名费中国国内参赛者请务必完成在designverse的注册(包括手机和邮箱的填写)。为使报名成功,参赛队必须支付与报名日期相对应的报名费用。报名及缴费手续完成后,恕不退款。


Registration fees will depend on the registration date, and will evolve as follows:
Early registration period(From August 5th, 2020 to September 2nd, 2020 and the registration fee is RMB 498 per team);
Regular registration period(From September 3rd, 2020 to September 30th, 2020 and the registration fee is RMB 664 per team);
Advanced registration period (From October 1st, 2020 to October 28th, 2020 and the registration fee is RMB 830 per team);
Late registration period (From October 29th, 2020 to November 25th, 2020 and the registration fee is RMB 996 per team);
Young Bird Plan is the exclusive partner authorized by Archstorming in China. Participants in China can complete your registration and payment process on designverse( must full in your mobile phone number and e-mail address. In order to ensure the registration to be successful, the team must pay the fee corresponding to the registration date. Once the registration and payment process have been completed, there will be no refunds
For details of the payment method, please refer to the designverse website (

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第36张图片

报名及付款成功后7天内,中国国内参赛者将收到 Archstorming 发送的邮件,其中包括竞赛材料,以及报名编号。该编号必须放在参赛团队提交的参赛材料的显眼位置,最好是右下角。


Within 7 working days after registration and payment, the organizer team will send a confirmation email that will include the work material, as well as the registration number. This number must be placed in a visible spot on the team's competition board, preferably the lower right corner.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第37张图片

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第38张图片




The jury will evaluate the projects based on the objectives stated in the pages 11, 12 and 13 of this briefing. Specifically, it will be evaluated if the project meets the requirements in program, building techniques, materials and sustainability. Also, if it considers the climate of the region, if it is possible to build it in two phases, and if it doesn't exceed the budget.
The jury is free to add other criteria that they consider important for the creation of the house.
A total of 50 proposals will be selected for the final round. Among the 50 finalists, the jury will choose the winner, the second and third place, the 2 special honorable mentions, and the 10 honorable mentions.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第39张图片





All the projects that win a monetary prize will become property of Archstorming, and therefore give Archstorming all rights to the materials from that moment on. Archstorming reserves the rights to use any of the participating projects for exhibitions and publications, digital or paper catalogues and dossiers.
Archstorming will publish all materials given appropriate attributes to the authors.
Archstorming reserves the right to modify the proposals and text in order to better adapt them to any publication format, without changing the essence of the proposal itself.
The participant is responsible for using copyright-free images. Archstorming is not responsible for the use of protected images by the participants.

10000欧元奖金池+落地建造丨塞内加尔Sambou Toura Drame小学建筑设计竞赛第40张图片


Let’s Build My School 负责项目的落地建造。Archstorming与该项目合作,但不负责住宅建设事宜。如若出于某种原因最终决定不再建造,则Archstorming对这一事实不承担任何责任。




Archstorming reserves the right to make any changes in the rules of the competition (dates, requirements, etc.). It is the obligation of the participants to check on a regular basis the website of Archstorming to verify if the Terms and Conditionsor the competition information have been modified.
Let’s Build My School is in charge of the project construction. Archstorming is collaborating with the project but not responsible of the house construction. If for any reason they finally can not build it, Archstorming will not be responsible of the fact.
Archstorming is not responsible for any research done by participants in the area.
The breach of the norms and terms defined in this briefing or in the Terms and Conditions of the website of Archstorming will result in the immediate disqualification of the team without any refund of the payments made.
Archstorming reserves the right to cancel this contest in case it does not reach a minimum number of participants, defined in the Terms and Conditions. In that case, Archstorming will return the full amount of registration fees to the participants enrolled at the time of cancellation.

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